Monday, July 9, 2012

Say When by Elizabeth Berg

When is a marriage worth saving and when is it best to let go? When do half-truths turn into full-blown lies? When does betrayal end and passion begin?

Say When is a compelling novel that takes readers into the heart of a modern marriage where companionship and intimacy, and denial and pain, so often collide. "Of course he knew she was seeing someone," begins the story of Frank Griffin, a man who's willing to overlook his wife's infidelity -- he would let her have this, this thrilling little romance -- for the sake of keeping his family intact. But when the forty-year-old Ellen requests a divorce on the basis that she has finally found true, romantic love, Griffin must decide whether to fight or flee...or search elsewhere for the kind of life he always dreamed of.

Once I started this book and realized that it was a story of a divorce I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to read it, but once again Elizabeth Berg sucked me in with her easy prose and comfortable story.  In the end I’m glad I finished it.  It was an interesting view into a marriage…what is important and what is not.  Also the introspection of the main characters was instructive and inspirational.

4 Stars (Rated PG-13, a few F-bombs and adult situations.)

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