Thursday, July 5, 2012

Juliet in August by Dianne Warren

I received this book as an Advanced Reading Copy from  It is an interesting peak into the lives of people living in Juliet, Saskatchewan.  The cast of characters includes: a young man left to farm by himself after the death of his adoptive parents; the bank manager whose wife is nagging him about his pregnant teenage daughter’s wedding to the town ne’er-do-well; a family with several children struggling to make ends meet; and a man left living with his brother’s widow and the drive-in theater they run together.

We are entertained with wonderful details of these people’s lives. I really enjoyed the book; however I am only giving three stars because the beginning was very hard to follow as it skips stories too fast.  By the middle of the book, once you are well acquainted with the characters, it becomes much more interesting.

3 (3.5 stars) Rated PG

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