Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pursuit of Alice Thrift by Elinor Lipman

Meet poor Alice Thrift, surgical intern in a Boston hospital, high of I.Q. but low in social graces. She doesn’t mean to be acerbic, clinical, or painfully precise, but where was she the day they taught Bedside Manner 101? Into Alice’s workaholic and romantically challenged life comes Ray Russo, a purveyor of fairground fudge, in need of rhinoplasty and well-heeled companionship, not necessarily in that order. Is he a con man or a sincere suitor? Good guy or bad? His well-engineered cruise into carnal waters introduces Alice to a new and baffling concept, chemistry—and not of the organic kind. Is it possible for a woman of science to cure her own loneliness in the unsuitable arms of a parental nightmare? Luckily, Leo Frawley, R.N., who has a high threshold for Alice’s left-footed people skills, and Sylvie Schwartz, M.D., fellow resident and woman of the world, take on the task of guiding Alice through the narrow straits of her own no-rapport zone.

Elinor Lipman does great characterizations, from socially inept Alice to ‘flower power’ midwife Meredith, to ‘swarmy’ salesman Ray, all are delightful in their own way.  There was a bit of sex and whereas the last book I read, those scenes detracted from the story, in this book I found myself giggling behind my fingers.  Very, very funny. 
You can see what might happen in the book, but continue to wish for a happy ending.  I won’t tell you which one you get!

3 stars (I would have given it 4 if it hadn’t been for the sex.  Rated R)

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