Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

Mel’s confession: I love fashion.  I love watching “Project Runway”, I do not miss an episode. I love watching the creative process turn into beautiful garments.  If I had a different body and a different wallet I would have closets of beautiful, designer clothes. So that is why I was drawn to this book.

After years of working in the vintage clothes department of Sotheby’s Phoebe decides to open her own vintage clothing store. With her knowledge and love of couture she quickly becomes a hit with the women of London. 

In acquiring merchandise for her store she meets and befriends Therese, a lovely older French woman, who sells her many lovely, vintage pieces. But it is through the story of the little blue coat that Therese will not sell that helps Phoebe come to grips with her own past.

For chick lit, this book concentrates more on the story than the romance, which I appreciated. The description of the clothing was exquisite and made me wish there were pictures. The story of the “little blue coat” was a surprising and wonderful addition to the story.  I loved it!

4 stars (some sex and language)

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