Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fairy Tale Blues by Tina Welling

On the night of her twenty-sixth wedding anniversary, AnnieLaurie leaves her Jackson Hole, Wyoming home for Hibiscus, Florida (near her Father and sister.)  She decides she needs a six-month sabbatical from her marriage. He husband Jess is clueless as to why she left.  As she sets up a new life for herself, what she discovers along the way is fun, and surprising.

I really enjoyed the journey, and wanted to give this more stars but the story was kind of weak.  There was a sub-plot of spies and espionage, that while was enjoyable to read did not seem to fit into the story.

What I LOVED about this book was its moral message.  While most books of this genre would have the couple divorce, or at least have an affair, neither do! They both are tempted and see where it would be easy to do, but back away because they love their spouse and honor the vows they made.  The author in the conversation in the back of the book states that she wanted to say, “See! Look what you can do instead of divorce.”  Great message!

3 stars (wish I could give it 4) (Rated PG – just for adult situations)

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