Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bride's House Sandra Dallas

Another winner by Ms. Dallas!  This was a little different than her usual as it spans three generations of women from the same family.  Nealie  Bent is a young girl who ran away from her mean, abusive father and ends up working in a boardinghouse in the mining town of  Greenwood, Colorado.  She attracts two very different men.  Will Spaulding, the rich, well-bred young man whose grandfather owns the mine and Charlie Dumas, a coarse, large, lumbering miner.  On her dates with Will, they watch the building of a large, beautiful home being built.  Nealie decides it is so exquisite it can only be for a bride, thus the name of “The Brides House”.  Nealie dreams of living in the house with Will, but life doesn’t always go as planned.

For Pearl, living in the Brides House is akin to living in a mausoleum, as her father had made it into a shrine to the woman he loved, not allowing and changes to the house or their lives.  When the enterprising Frank Curry comes into her life and asks for her hand in marriage, her father sabotages the union. 

Susan is the latest in the line of strong, willful women.  Will the secrets buried in the Brides House help her or keep her from the man that she loves.

It’s a gripping story.  A blurb on the front of the book states, “Putting down a Sandra Dallas novel is nearly impossible.”  I totally agree. I stayed up way too late at night reading this book.  The only complaint I have is that the first section about Nealie ended too soon, but then again, maybe that was on purpose…..hmmm??

4 Stars (Rated PG for adult situations)

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