Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Is Us: The New All-American Family by David Marin

“It was no mystery why California had 98,000 children stuck in foster care. There were not 98,003 because I was stubborn.”

This is David Marin’s own account of adopting three Hispanic children from out of the California foster system.  Marin is a white, red-headed man in his 40’s who wants children.  He has not found a woman yet so decides to find the children on his own.  He falls in love with these three ‘chocolate’ children at first sight and then fights fiercely to have them in his life.  The problems he faces with a system that is there to help these children find permanent homes is unbelievable.  The problems he faces in taking three small children into his life are laugh-out-loud funny and endearing. 

His writing is wonderful.  He keeps the story moving along.  A few times he switches back and forth in chronology but it isn’t too hard to follow.  A definite “feel-good” read.

4 Stars (Rate PG – for theme)

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