Friday, August 12, 2011

One of Ours by Willa Cather

Claude Wheeler is a young man that longs for something bigger and better and can never seem to find it.  He lives in Nebraska in the years just before World War I.  He longs to go to a better school but his parents seem to think the current school is adequate.  Then he is needed back on the farm.  School must be put adside to save the farm.  He enters into a loveless marriage with Enid.  After the war breaks out Claude signs up and finally feels fulfilled.  He loves the importance of being in the war.

Willa Cather has a wonderful way with prose.  The scene of all the GI's on the ship, seeing the Statue of Liberty fills you with an appreciation for this great country.  Her view of the war was criticized for being too romantic, but I say there are far too many gruesome war books.  I can handle a romanticized version.  She did win the Pulizter Prize for this book.  A true classic! Well worth the time and effort.

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